2017 Junior Japan International Preview

The 2017 Junior Japan competition will take place from September 17th-18th 2017 in Yokohama, Japan. With many future Olympians and World Champions flocking to this event in the past, the Junior Japan International has become a highly prestigious and notable competition. Each time it has taken place, the roster has been stacked with huge talent... Continue Reading →


So, who’s going to Worlds?

Every day we are getting announcements from countries stating who they will send to represent themĀ at the 2017 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships which will take place in Montreal, Canada from October 2nd-8th 2017. In addition, this week the nominative roster was published, giving us an indication of which gymnasts are being considered for spots at... Continue Reading →

2017 Szombathely World Challenge Cup Results

The 2017 Szombathely World Challenge Cup took place in Szombathely, Hungary from the 8-10 September 2017. The results of the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: VT: Marina Nekrasova (AZE) 14.049 Boglarka Devai (HUN) 14.016 Brooklyn Moors (CAN) 13.533 Yuliya Inshina (AZE) 13.433 Doga Ketenci (TUR) 12.966 Oksana Chusovitina (UZB) 12.949 Naveen Daries... Continue Reading →

2017 Chinese Games Results

The 2017 Chinese National Games took place in Tianjin, China from August 31-September 7 2017. The results of the Women's Artistic Gymnastics portion of the Games are as follows: AA: Chen Yile 56.434 Liu Tingting 56.001 Wang Yan 55.333 Luo Huan 55.333 Shang Chunsong 54.566 Mao Yi 54.101 Lu Yufei 53.234 Liu Jieyu 52.867 Du... Continue Reading →

2017 Hungarian Championships Results

The 2017 Hungarian Championships for WAG took place in Budapest, Hungary from September 1-3 2017. The results of both junior and senior competitions are as follows: Senior AA: Dalia Al-Salty 49.800 Boglarka Devai 48.600 Inez Sagi 44.500 Boglarka Tombol 43.400 Zsofia Kovacs 40.200 Barbara Katona 20.200 *Those ranked 5th/6th did not compete AA Three gymnasts... Continue Reading →

2017 Italian Championships Results

The 2017 Italian Championships for WAG were held in Perugia, Italy from September 2-3 2017. The results are both junior and senior gymnasts combines as both competed alongside eachother. Results are as follows: AA: Elisa Iorio 54.400 Asia D'Amato 54.350 Alice D'Amato 53.900 Martina Basile 53.150 Sara Berardinelli 52.650 Desiree Carofiglio 52.400 Sara Riccardi 52.350... Continue Reading →

2017 Romanian Nationals Results

The 2017 Romanian National Championships for WAG were held in Ploitesti, Romania from September 1-3 2017. The results are as follows: AA: Larisa Iordache 58.466 Denisa Golgota 52.999 Ioana Crisan 52.098 Carmen Glavan 51.432 Maria Holbura 51.264 Daniela Trica 50.898 Iulia Berar 50.399 Silvia Sfiringu 50.232 Lisa Marchidanu 50.098 Carmen Ghiciuc 49.698 Andreea Ciurucniuc 49.399... Continue Reading →

2017 Swiss Championships Results

The 2017 Swiss Championships saw the comeback of 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, Giulia Steingruber to competition after an injury earlier this year. The Championships were held from September 2-3 2017 in Bulach, Switzerland. The results are as follows: AA: Giulia Steingruber 52.750 Fabienne Studer 49.800 Jessica Diacci 49.100 Ilaria Kaslin 48.550 Thea Brogli 48.550 Leonie... Continue Reading →

2017 Varna World Challenge Cup Results

The 2017 Varna World Challenge Cup took place in Varna, Bulgaria from September 1-3 2017. The results of the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: VT: Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 14.800 Shallon Olsen (CAN) 14.225 Teja Belak (SLO) 13.900 Ofir Netzer (ISR) 13.800 Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 13.350 Yuliya Inshina (AZE) 13.325 Farah Hussein (EGY)... Continue Reading →

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