The Code of Points

2017 Varna World Challenge Cup Results

The 2017 Varna World Challenge Cup took place in Varna, Bulgaria from September 1-3 2017. The results of the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: VT: Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 14.800 Shallon Olsen (CAN) 14.225 Teja Belak (SLO) 13.900... Continue Reading →


2017 Russian Cup Results

The 2017 Russian Cup took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia from August 21-27 2017. The results are as follows: AA: Angelina Melnikova 57.650 Elena Eremina 56.100 Maria Kharenkova 55.475 Eleonora Afanasyeva 53.850 Viktoria Trykina 53.600 Polina Fedorova 53.150 Uliana Perebinosova 52.300... Continue Reading →

2017 Universiade Results

The 29th Summer Universiade took place in Taipei City, Taiwan from August 19th-30th 2017. The results of the WAG competition are as follows: Team: Russian Federation 163.000 Canada 161.100 Japan 159.900 Germany 153.750 Netherlands 148.950 Chinese Taipei 142.725 Portugal 140.050... Continue Reading →

2017 P&G Championships Results

(Photo: John Cheng) The 2017 P&G Championships took place in Anaheim, California, USA from August 17-20 2017. Results from the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: Senior AA: Ragan Smith (Texas Dreams) 115.250 Jordan Chiles (Naydenov) 111.850 Riley... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundoff

1. Gabby Douglas now taking acting lessons: I think its safe to say that we won't see Gabby Douglas back on the competition floor as a competitor anyway! After Rio 2016 and the backlash Gabby experienced online during those... Continue Reading →

2017 Brazilian Championships Results

The 2017 Brazilian Championships took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil from August 3rd to 6th 2017. Both juniors and seniors competed in the same competition and the following results are including both juniors and seniors. The AA scores are the... Continue Reading →

2017 U.S. Classic Results & Recap

The 2017 U.S. Classic took place on July 29th in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. That's right! Its that time again! U.S. Classic time! And not only is it U.S. Classic time, but its the first U.S. Classic of the 2017-2020 quad!... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundoff

This weeks news from the gymnastics world! 1. Norah Flatley ends her elite career: The gymternet was abuzz about Norah Flatley and her whereabouts after the roster for the 2017 U.S. Classic was announced and Ms. Flatley's name was... Continue Reading →

2017 European Youth Olympic Festival Results

The 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival took place from July 23rd-29th 2017 in Gyor, Hungary. The results are as follows: Team: Russia 107.700 Italy 106.500 Germany 104.950 Hungary 103.600 Great Britain 103.150 France 102.400 Netherlands 101.050 Switzerland 100.850 Georgia 100.750... Continue Reading →

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