2017 U.S. Classic Results & Recap

The 2017 U.S. Classic took place on July 29th in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. That's right! Its that time again! U.S. Classic time! And not only is it U.S. Classic time, but its the first U.S. Classic of the 2017-2020 quad! Eeee! Queue the 10 billion juniors hoping to make it in the big leagues and... Continue Reading →


The Weekly Roundoff

This weeks news from the gymnastics world! 1. Norah Flatley ends her elite career: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW0XfMBFKQk/?taken-by=norah_flatley The gymternet was abuzz about Norah Flatley and her whereabouts after the roster for the 2017 U.S. Classic was announced and Ms. Flatley's name was nowhere to be found. Norah first burst onto the elite season in 2013 after showing... Continue Reading →

2017 European Youth Olympic Festival Results

The 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival took place from July 23rd-29th 2017 in Gyor, Hungary. The results are as follows: Team: Russia 107.700 Italy 106.500 Germany 104.950 Hungary 103.600 Great Britain 103.150 France 102.400 Netherlands 101.050 Switzerland 100.850 Georgia 100.750 Romania 100.550 Belgium 99.300 Ukraine 98.800 Finland 98.200 Spain 97.700 Slovakia 97.050 Czech Republic 96.900... Continue Reading →

European Youth Olympic Festival Preview

The 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival will be held in Goyr, Hungary from the 23rd-29th July 2017. The European Youth Olympic Festival first began in 1991 in Brussels, Belgium with 10 sports not including gymnastics. Gymnastics was first included as a sport at the festival at the second event in 1993 in Valkenswaard, Netherlands. Since then,... Continue Reading →

2017 Spanish Championships Results

The 2017 Spanish Championships took place in Madrid, Spain from the 10 through 16 July 2017. The results are as follows: Senior AA: Ana Perez 53.450 Claudia Colom 50.967 Cintia Rodriguez 50.450 Paula Raya 50.300 Laura Bechdeju 49.750 Marta Sanchez 49.750 Carolina Sanchez 47.883 Paula Norberto 47.217 Marina Plomer 46.750 Marisol Perez 46.333 Elisabet Marina... Continue Reading →

2017 American Classic Results

The 2017 American Classic took place on July 7th & 8th at the Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, USA. The event acted as a qualifier to the P&G Championships which will take place in Anaheim, California, USA from August 17 through 20, 2017. Junior gymnasts wishing to qualify to the P&G Championships at the American Classic... Continue Reading →

2017 Maccabiah Games Results

The 2017 Maccabiah Games took place in Jerusalem, Israel from July 4 through 18 2017. The results are as follows: Junior AA: Andy Turiski (ISR) 46.750 Omer Danenberg-Lerner (USA) 45.300 Meitar Lavy (ISR) 44.550 Naiara Rosenberg (ARG) 44.150 Emilia Babich (ISR) 44.100 Jessica Eig (USA) 43.550 Lihi Lamesh (ISR) 43.500 Dana Negru (ISR) 42.500 Lihi... Continue Reading →

2017 Central American Sports Festival Results

The 2017 Central American Sports Festival took place in Guatemala on the 29th and 30th June 2017. The results are as follows: Senior AA: Yesenia Ferrera (CUB) 54.550 Marcia Vidaux (CUB) 52.300 Karla Vielma (MEX) 50.850 Jimena Moreno (MEX) 50.600 Nicole Castro (MEX) 49.650 Melba Avendando (COL) 49.150 Paula Meijas (PUR) 49.060 Dayana Ardilla (COL)... Continue Reading →

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