The Weekly Roundoff

A roundup of this week’s (30 April-6 May 2017) gymnastics news!

1. You can now get your very own Gabby Douglas Barbie doll:

Last year, right before the Olympic Games in Rio, amid the excitement of her reality show, Gabby Douglas got her very own Barbie doll and now it is on sale for the general public to buy!

2. Giulia Steingruber loses sister:

It was reported by Swedish press this week that the sister of Olympic bronze medalist, Giulia Steingruber has died from viral pneumonia. Her sister, who has been severely mentally and physically disabled since birth lost her eyesight last year and had recently contracted pneumonia. Giulia, who had a fantastic competition at the Olympics in Rio last year has not been competing recently due to a foot injury that required surgery. She is expected to be back to the World Championships in Montreal later this year. Our thoughts are with Giulia and her family.

3. Nassar gives up right to defend himself:

In a civil complaint with over 20 plaintiffs, Larry Nassar has given up his right to defend himself by failing to respond to the complaint.

4. USA Gymnastics board chair gives update:

USA Gymnastics board chair, Paul Parilla gave a brief update this week on a variety of issues such as the ongoing search for a new President/ CEO for the organisation after Steve Penny stepped down earlier this year amid the Larry Nassar controversy. The report also deals with the ongoing search for a director of Safe Sport.

5. Update on Sofia Busato:

Italian gymnast Sofia Busato who tore her ACL earlier this year at the Jesolo trophy had surgery this week and is reported to be recovering well.


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