The 2017 City of Jesolo Trophy took place in Jesolo, Italy on April 1st and 2nd 2017.

The results are as follows:

Senior Team:

snr team 1.png

snr team 2.png

Senior AA:

SNR 1.png

snr 2.png

snr 3.png


Senior VT:

SNT VT.png

Senior UB:

SNR UB.png

Senior BB:

SNR BB2.png

Senior FX:

SNR FX.png

Junior Team:

JNR TEAM 1.png

jNR TEAM 2.png

Junior AA:

JNR AA 1.png

JNR AA 2.png

JNR AA 3.png

JNR AA 4.png

Junior VT:

jnr VT.png

Junior UB:

JNR UB.png

Junior BB:

JNR BB.png

Junior FX:

JNR FX.png