The Weekly Roundoff

This weeks gymnastics news rounded off!

1. Viktoria Komova back training:

World Champion and Olympic silver medalist, Viktoria Komova is reportedly back training after missing the 2016 Olympic Games due to back injury. A Russian website reported this week that after getting medical treatment outside of Russia, Komova has made a recovery and her father has stated that she has returned to training but is only training lightly, under the watchful eyes of doctors, watching for any signs of further pain. The article also states that it is unlikely Komova will be ready for the 2017 European Championships in Romania or the 2017 World Championships in Canada but will hopefully be back at competition in 2018.

2. More troubling news coming from the MSU/ Larry Nassar/ USA Gymnastics cases:

This week, there was several developments in the child abuse cases involving Michigan State University, Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics.

  • Kathie Klages resigns:

Among the biggest developments was the resignation of Kathie Klages, MSU Gymnastics head coach a day after she was suspended after it was reported that Klages had received complaints about Dr.Nassar from gymnasts and she had discouraged gymnasts from going forward with their accusations. Story here:

  • Former U.S. National Team members to appear on ’60 Minutes’:

It was reported that 3 former U.S. National Team gymnasts will appear on the television programme ’60 Minutes’ to speak about the sexual abuse accusations against Nassar and USA Gymnastics on Sunday, February 19th 2016. The preview of the epsode can be found here:

  • Delayed reporting of Dr. Nassar:

USA Gymnastics delayed reporting Dr.Nassar for 5 weeks after a coach reported a conversation between two gymnasts discussing suspicious medical treatment from Dr.Nassar. In a statement, USA Gymnastics stated that the gymnasts in question were 2016 Olympic team contenders and the conversation happened in 2015. Story here:

  • Larry Nassar’s preliminary hearing took place:

Dr. Nassar’s preliminary hearing for the case regarding Michigan State was set for today, February 17th 2016. Story here:

3. Simone Biles named Laureus Sportswoman of the Year:

The awards never end for 2016 Olympic Champion, Simone Biles. This week, at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monaco, Simone Biles was named sportswoman of the year. She was presented the award by Nadia Comaneci and looked as though she had a wonderful night in Monaco.

4. Stuttgart World Cup roster announced:

And what a roster it is! The Stuttgart World Cup will take place in Stuttgart, Germany in March and the roster is stacked full of big talent. It will see the return of World and Olympic medalist, Larisa Iordache of Romania to competition after missing the 2016 Olympic Games due to injury. The roster also includes 2016 Olympians, Claudia Fragapane, Eythora Thorsdottir, Angelina Melnikova, Isabela Onyshko, Pauline Schaefer, Tabea Alt. The proposed roster also includes the much anticipated new senior Jordan Chiles of the U.S. who will likely have a breakout year this year. She has been on the junior scene for quite some time and her senior debut comes with big expectations. Although this roster is likely to change before March, the big names on the roster is certainly exciting and is big for the year after the Olympic Games which is usually a year of new faces and lots of big names taking some time off.

In addition the American Cup roster changed slightly this week with Eythora Thorsdottir of the Netherlands being replaced by Tisha Volleman and Ellie Black of Canada being replaced by Emily Whitehead of Australia and now reads as follows:

  1. Ragan Smith (USA)
  2. Wildcard (USA)
  3. Emily Whitehead (AUS)
  4. Xie Yufen (CHN)
  5. Tisha Volleman (NED)
  6. Asuka Teramoto (JPN)
  7. Kim Bui (GER)
  8. Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA)
  9. Rebecca Tunney (GBR)

5. Mary Lee Tracy in Britain:

Mary Lee Tracy is in the UK, helping out at the National Squad training camp. It is unknown precisely what Mary Lee is helping with but no doubt she is spreading her wisdom with the British coaches and giving gymnasts useful tips and tricks.


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