2017 WOGA Classic Preview

The 2017 WOGA Classic will take place February 17-19 2017 in the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas, USA.

As one of the biggest meets for US gymnasts, the WOGA Classic acts as a meet for both compulsory and optional level gymnasts, as an elite qualifier, as a Nastia Liukin Cup qualifying meet and is also open to international elite gymnasts from around the world.

This year, like every year there is a roster full of international elite gymnasts from every corner of the globe including Russia, Japan, USA, Hungary, Belgium and China.

Gymnasts are not necessarily representing their country at this meet, with a lot representing their club or travelling with their club. Nonetheless the best gymnasts of some countries do travel to Frisco to get their season started. This year is not different with Olympians such as Zsofia Kovacs of Hungary travelling to Frisco along with new seniors such as Natsumi Hanashima and Kiko Kuwajima of Japan who will be hoping to get their first year as senior gymnasts off to a great start as they look towards Tokyo in 2020.

In addition, there are many talented young juniors to watch out for, including Irina Alexeeva  and Sloane Blakely of WOGA and the Russian juniors, Ksenia Klimenko and Angelina Simakova.

Schedule for the event can be found here: http://www.woga.net/uploads/2017_WC_Final_Schedule_020917.pdf

More information on the event can be found here: http://www.woga.net/meets/woga-classic/

The roster for the international elite portion of the competition is as follows:


  • Marjory Bastien (CAN)
  • Dorina Boeczoego (HUN)
  • Chae Campbell (USA)
  • Laurie Denommee (CAN)
  • Koko Dobashi (JPN)
  • Fu Yuyao (CHN)
  • Natsumi Hanashima (JPN)
  • Noemi Jakab (HUN)
  • Nagi Kajita (JPN)
  • Ayu Koike (JPN)
  • Zsofia Kovacs (HUN)
  • Kiko Kuwajima (JPN)
  • Lyu Jiaqui (CHN)
  • Sophie Marois (CAN)
  • Yuka Nagano (JPN)
  • Shiho Nakaji (JPN)
  • Yumika Nakamura (JPN)
  • Adriana Popp (USA)
  • Mirai Sekiguchi (JPN)
  • Yoshie Sugihara (JPN)
  • Annie-Pier Theriault (CAN)
  • Sonita Zlobec (CAN)


  • Irina Alexeeva (USA)
  • Stella Ashcroft (NZL)
  • Sloane Blakely (USA)
  • Josephine Chao (NZL)
  • Elizabeth Cimachowitz (CAN)
  • Audrey Davis (USA)
  • Gabrielle Deslauriers (CAN)
  • Cato Fleurackers (BEL)
  • Jaylene Gilstrap (USA)
  • Madeleine Johnston (USA)
  • Ksenia Klimenko (RUS)
  • Deiah-Marie Moody (USA)
  • Chelsea Murrau (CAN)
  • Tienna Nguyen (USA)
  • Imogen Paterson (CAN)
  • Angelina Simakova (RUS)
  • Margo van Linden (BEL)
  • Fien Vandenburg (BEL)
  • Wu Yanhui (CHN)



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