The 2016 Swiss Cup will take place on November 6, 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.

More information regarding tickets and timetables for the event can be found here:

The Swiss Cup is a pairs championship with one MAG and one WAG gymnast pairing up and competing to earn the title for their country. The pairing is not always from the same country, however usually is. This year, for example most pairs represent the same country however Jessica Lopez of Venezuela and Arthur Nory of Brazil are paired up.


Arthur Nory

Information regarding the competition format can be found here:

It differs slightly from the usual all-around format and all comes to climax at the end with the final three teams proceeding to the final and battling it out for the Swiss Cup title.

The teams this year, as always are of a great caliber with the lineup not differing much from the Arthur Gander Memorial that will take place just 4 days before in Italy. There is one missing name, the superstar of Swiss gymnastics, Olympic bronze medalist, Giulia Steingruber who was slated to competed however will not compete due to a foot injury that will take her out of competition for the remainder of 2016 and the start of 2017.

The teams are as follows:

  1. Ilaria Kaeslin/ Pablo Bragger (SUI)
  2. Caterina Barloggio/ Eddy Yusof (SUI)
  3. Kim Bui/ Marcel Nguyen (GER)
  4. Leah Griesser/ Lukas Dauser (GER)
  5. Anne Kuhm/ Julien Gobaux (FRA)
  6. Victoria Kayen Woo/ Rene Cournoye (CAN)
  7. Eythora Thorsdottir/ Bart Deurloo (NED)
  8. Jessica Lopez/ Arthur Nory (VEN/BRA)
  9. Angelina Melnikova/ Nikita Ignatyev (RUS)
  10. Angelina Kysla/ Oleg Verniaiev (UKR)