2016 Northern European Championships Preview

The 2016 Northern European Championships will take place from Friday, October 21st through Sunday October 23rd 2016 in Trondheim, Norway.

The Championships took place in Limerick, Ireland last year and now this year have moved to Norway. The Championships include Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and of course, Noway.


Maija Leinonen will compete this year for Finland

This year will see both MAG and WAG gymnasts competing. On the women’s side, teams from Norway, Iceland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Sweden, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland and Scotland will compete.

The teams are compiled of both junior and senior gymnasts and the gymnasts will not be separated by age division.

For example, last year junior, Latalia Bevan from Wales took the AA title, followed by senior gymnast, Ellis O’Reilly of Ireland.

The teams are as follows:


  1. Georgina Hockenhull
  2. Rebecca Moore
  3. Emily Thomas
  4. Paige Thomas
  5. Sioned Thomas


  1. Agnes Akerman
  2. Sigrid Risberg
  3. Lova Thingvall
  4. Nicole Wanstrom
  5. Cecilia Wrangdahl


  1. Solveig Berg
  2. Linn Finstad
  3. Thea Nygaard
  4. Juliane Tossebro
  5. Maria Tronrud


  1. Sigridur Bergthorsdottir
  2. Margret Kristinsdottir
  3. Irina Sazonova
  4. Agnes Suto
  5. Fjola Thorsteinsdottir


  1. Sofia Bjornholdt
  2. Mette Hulgaard
  3. Victoria Kajo
  4. Emilie Midtboll
  5. Marie Skammelsen

Isle of Man:

  1. Aoife Donnelly
  2. Nicole Burns
  3. Madison Nicol
  4. Isabel Hester
  5. Grace Harrison

Faroe Islands:

  1. Christina Arge
  2. Liv Bech Arting
  3. Elsbet Dalbo
  4. Anita Davidsen


  1. Jenni Gronroos
  2. Maija Leinonen
  3. Rosanna Ojala
  4. Siiri Saukkonen


  1. Shannon Archer
  2. Cara Kennedy
  3. Erin McLachlan
  4. Isla Warr
  5. Sofia Ramzan



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