2016 Sao Paulo World Challenge Cup Results

The Sao Paulo World Challenge Cup took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil from May 20th through May 22nd 2016. 

As Brazil readies itself for the 2016 Olympic Games this Summer, a strong Brazilian contingent was sent to this Challenge Cup to represent in front of a home crowd and they did not disappoint. 

Brazilian veteran, Daniele Hyplito rivaled Ellie Downie’s impressive medal haul from the Osijek World Challenge Cup in April where she took all 4 gold medals for Great Britain.  Hypolito, just one gold medal shy of repeating the impressive feat of Ms.Downie, took home 3 gold medals in front of her home crowd, the vault gold, beam gold and floor gold. 

Daniele Hypolito

Jessica Lopez of Venezuela claimed the uneven bars gold with a score of 14.650. The Brazilian contingent also claimed a silver medal on the uneven bars with Rebeca Andrade tying for silver with Germany’s Kim Bui and placing just behind Lopez with a 14.500. 

Jessica Lopez

Andrade added to her medal haul with a bronze on beam, coming in just .50 behind Chile’s Simona Castro who scored a 13.050 to take the silver medal.

Rebeca Andrade

On floor exercise, the Brazilian girls added another medal to the impressive haul, earned in front of a home crowd.This time it was Carolyne Pedro who took bronze on floor, tying with Simona Castro of Chile and placing just behind Kim Bui of Germany who added a second medal to her haul for the weekend with this silver on floor. 

Kim Bui

On vault, Michelle Timm of Germany finished behind Hypolito and took the silver. Behind her, taking the bronze was Annika Urvikko of Finland who had an average of 13.700 to take the medal.

Annika Urvikko

Full results are as follows:


  1. Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 14.125
  2. Michelle Timm (GER) 13.850
  3. Annika Urvikko (FIN) 13.700
  4. Catalina Escobar (COL) 13.475
  5. Esperanza Fernandez (ARG) 12.750
  6. Camila Vilches (CHI) 12.100

All the average of two vaults 

  1. Jessica Lopez (VEN) 14.650
  2. Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 14.500
  3. Kim Bui (GER) 14.500
  4. Lorrane Oliveira (BRA) 13.900
  5. Ailen Valente (ARG) 12.800
  6. Simona Castro (CHI) 12.800
  7. Maria Stoffel (ARG) 12.300
  8. Catalina Escobar (COL) 12.000


  1. Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 14.350
  2. Simona Castro (CHI) 13.050
  3. Rebeca Andrade (BRA) 13.000
  4. Michelle Timm (GER) 12.350
  5. Ailen Valente (ARG) 12.200
  6. Kim Bui (GER) 12.150
  7. Jessica Lopez (VEN) 11.750
  8. Esperanza Fernandez (ARG) 11.500


  1. Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 13.950
  2. Kim Bui (GER) 13.550
  3. Carolyne Pedro (BRA) 13.300
  4. Simona Castro (CHI) 13.300
  5. Annika Urvikko (FIN) 12.900
  6. Ailen Valente (ARG) 12.700
  7. Michelle Timm (GER) 12.500
  8. Maria Stoffel (ARG) 11.650

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    1. She’s fantastic! To think of her winning at the 2001 World Championships and she is still around now! Can’t wait to see her compete at her home Olympics (given she is selected, But I don’t know how she wouldn’t be)


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