2016 Israeli Championships Results

The 2016 Israeli Championships took place on April 5th 2016 in Jerusalem, Israel.  Results are as follows: Senior AA: Ofir Kremer 48.700 Shailee Weiss 47.350 Tzuf Feldon 41.750 Michal Tocker 41.050 Gaya Giladi 36.500 Tamar Eyal 28.500 Shahar Moyal 18.800 Those ranked 5th-7th did not compete all 4 events Senior VT: Ofir Kremer 13.400 Shailee... Continue Reading →


2016 Italian Junior Friendly Results

The 2016 Italian Junior Friendly took place on May 21st in Milan, Italy and saw junior gymnasts from Great Britain, Italy and Germany battle for a team and All-Around title.   Results are as follows: AA: Alice Kinsella (GBR) 54.800 Giorgia Villa (ITA) 54.600 Martina Maggio (ITA) 54.200 Martina Basile (ITA) 54.100 Maisie Methuen (GBR)... Continue Reading →

2016 Swedish Championships Results

The 2016 Swedish Championships took place in Halmstad,Sweden from May 14th through May 15th 2016. Results are as follows: Senior AA: Marcela Torres 51.950 Ece Ayan 51.300 Lovisa Estberg 50.900 Nicole Wanstrom 50.200 Saga Svantesson 47.450 Amanda Bjorklund 45.200 Wilma Stone 43.000  Lykke Olsson 40.350 Tova Jonsson 40.350 Moa Henriksson 40.150 Hilda Martinsdottir 38.150 Hanna... Continue Reading →

2016 Australian Championships Results

The 2016 Australian Championships took place from May 23rd through June 6th 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. The Women's Artistic portion of the Championships took place in the first week of competition.  The results of the WAG portion of these Championships are as follows: Senior AA: Rianna Mizzen 111.000 (55.875+55.125) Georgia-Rose Brown 110.200 (55.125+55.075) Emily Little... Continue Reading →

2016 Irish Championships Results

The 2016 Irish Championships were held in Limerick, Ireland from May 14th through May 15th 2016. Results are as follows: Senior AA: Ellis O'Reilly 51.550 Casey Bell 51.150 Denise Moloney 45.150 Paulina Wiktorczyk 44.650 Emer Shimizu 43.050 Taylor Coyle 42.650 Senior VT: Casey Bell 13.400 Paulina Wiktorczyk 13.184 Taylor Cole 12.750 Senior UB: Casey Bell... Continue Reading →

2016 Zuri GymDays Results

The 2016 Zuri GymDays competition took place on the 30th of April in Zurich, Switzerland and saw juniors from Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland and France show their promise for the future and vie for all-around and team titles. Results are as follows: AA: Taeja James (GBR) 54.100 Megan Parker (GBR) 53.700 Leonie Meier (SUI) 53.450... Continue Reading →

2016 Polish Championships Results

The 2016 Polish Championships Results took place from April 29th through May 1st in Zabrze, Poland. Both junior and senior gymnasts competed along with guest competitors from the Czech Republic.  The following are the senior results and the senior guest results.  Senior AA: Katarzyna Jurkowska 53.750 Gabriela Janik 52.950 Paula Plichta 51.950 Alma Kuc 49.150... Continue Reading →

2016 France V Romania Friendly Results

The 2016 France V Romania Friendly took place on the 13th of May 2016 in Haguenau, France. Results are as follows: AA: Lorette Charpy (FRA) 54.900 Ioana Crisan (ROM) 54.400 Morgane Osyssek (FRA) 51.500 Carmen Ghiciuc (ROM) 40.700 Alisia Botnaru (ROM) 40.450 Melissa Poitreau (FRA) 39.950 Janna Mouffok (FRA) 39.900 Denisa Golgota (ROM) 28.500 Alisson... Continue Reading →

2016 IAG SportEvent Results

The 2016 IAG SportEvent was held from May 5th through May 8th 2016 in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Results are as follows: Senior AA: Eythora Thorsdottir 56.466 Mara Titarsolej 55.398 Tisha Volleman 53.800 Vera van Pol 53.498 Evie Schellens 51.498 Mandy Mahgoub 51.332 Wendy de Jong 49.865 Chiara Frisina Fauste 48.798 Mirte de Reiger 46.999 Laura Aerts... Continue Reading →

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