3rd Italian Serie A Results

The 3rd Italian Serie A took place in Rome, Italy on April 2nd 2016.

Giorgia Campana took the top spot AA with a 55.750, making her case to earn a second Olympic berth and afterwards being rewarded with a spot at the Olympic Test Event next week, in place of Tea Ugrin.

Only the top 20 gymnasts competed AA, the remaining gymnasts competed only 1, 2 or 3 events. Of these gymnasts, Lavinia Marongiu should be noted for taking the silver medal on the BB with a 14.200, Sofia Busato should be noted for posting the highest score on VT, a 15.200, the only event she competed in Rome and likewise Erika Fasana took the top score on the only event she competed, UB, where she scored a 14.500.


Enus Mariani took the top score on BB with a 14.400 and Elisa Meneghini took the FX title with a 14.600.

Brixia Brescia took the team title which included Giorgia Villa, Lavinia Marongiu, Francesca Linari, Sofia Busato, Erika Fasana and Martina Rizzelli.

The AA results are as follows:

  1. Giorgia Campana 55.750
  2. Giorgia Villa 55.450
  3. Lara Mori 55.300
  4. Elisa Meneghini 54.900
  5. Enus Mariani 54.700
  6. Alessia Leolini 54.100
  7. Michela Redemagni 54.100
  8. Desiree Carofiglio 54.050
  9. Arianna Rocca 54.000
  10. Maria Vittoria Cocciolo 53.650
  11. Martina Basile 53.350
  12. Jessica Helene Mattoni 52.100
  13. Alessia Praz 52.000
  14. Adriana Crisci 51.950
  15. Nicole Terlenghi 51.000
  16. Francesca DeAgostini 49.400
  17. Sofia Bonistalli 49.400
  18. Ilaria Malizia 46.900
  19. Alexandra Kalmykova 46.450
  20. Joana Favaretto 42.600

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