2016 British National Championships Results

The 2016 British National Championships took place in the Echo Arena in Liverpool from Friday, April 8th through Saturday, April 10th 2016.

British Gymnastics did an absolutely phenomenal job with regards to coverage of the event, providing live streams of every competition, along with live scoring and the BBC provided live coverage of the final day of competition. The event had a phenomenal production value also and the arena looked phenomenal with the highest ever attendance of 14,000 people in the stands!

This competition brings together every faction of the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, all of whom compete internationally for Team Great Britain, except at the Commonwealth Games.

It was a Welsh gymnast who was the standout of the junior WAG AA competition on day 1 in Liverpool.

After winning the Welsh Junior title in February, Maisie Methuen is most certainly a gymnast on the rise. However stiff competition was expected from fellow L’Interational Gymnix competitor, Alice Kinsella. Unfortunately Kinsella had a rough day, whilst Methuen had a solid AA performance and ultimately took the gold medal to become the 2016 British Junior National Champion, having won the title in the Espoir ranks last year.

Maisie Methuen 

In second was another rising star Taeja James, who is an absolute powerhouse and one to watch as an AA competitor and on VT, especially. She too represented Great Britain in February at L’International Gymnix in Montreal, Canada and is certainly being touted as a future star. The 4th member of the Gymnix team, Ellesse Oates took the bronze medal and Alice Kinsella after a rough day finished in 4th place.

The junior top 6

In the Senior, ranks, 2015 World Championships bronze medalist and 2014 Commonwealth Games AA Champion, Claudia Fragapane had a stellar day to take the Senior AA title with an impressive personal best of 58.100 and became the British National Champion, adding to her English title she won in March and cementing herself as a top contender for a spot on the Rio Olympic team.

Claudia Fragapane

In second was 2012 Olympian, Rebecca Tunney who is coming back extremely strong after missing the majority of this quad due to injury. Tunney was the youngest member of the British Olympic team in London and went onto compete at the 2013 World Championships, however subsequently dealt with a series of injuries which kept her out of competition until this year, when she competed at the British Team Championships and the Stuttgart World Cup. However, placing second at this event and looking excellent on every event, especially FX, where she looks to have more power than in 2012 and on UB, she most certainly is making a strong case to earn a second Olympic berth this Summer.

Earning the bronze medal was 2015 World Championships bronze medalist and British phenom, Ellie Downie who missed the English Championships in March due to injury however came back strong with a new FX and a third place finish.

Senior podium

Notable to mention is Amy Tinkler, who was also a member of that 2015 World Championships team that earned the bronze medal and who was the reigning British AA Champion. She was most certainly the phenom of last year, in her first year a senior gymnast, however after leading the competition all the way around, on her last event, the BB she faultered and fell twice, on her mount and flight series and finished just outside the medals, in 4th.

Amy Tinkler

Also 2015 World Championships bronze medalists, Ruby Harrold and Kelly Simm finished in 5th and 6th respectively, with Kelly just coming back from injury and performing extremely well, especially on BB, where she was rock solid.

Also one to note, new senior, Georgia-Mae Fenton finished an impressive 7th, whilst, gymternet favourite and fellow new senior, Catherine Lyons did not compete due to injury.

In senior event finals, the Downie sisters dominated with Ellie taking the top spot on VT, Becky taking the top spot on BB, in a final that was extremely shaky, with everyone except Becky and Claudia falling and Becky adding to her medal haul with a silver on UB. The top score on UB came from Gabby Jupp who has just come back from injury and performed an exquisite routine to take the title, it being the only event she competed on this weekend. The top spot on FX was earned by Amy Tinkler, who redeemed herself after a rough weekend, earning her only medal of the weekend with FX gold. She displayed huge tumbling and had wonderful performance quality.

Ellie Downie

Notable to mention is Georgia-Mae Fenton on UB, who finished a disappointing 8th, however showed absolutely huge skills, showing amazing potential in her first year as a senior, she fell 3 times during her routine but her skill set is phenomenal.

All in all it was an exciting weekend full of great gymnastics on both the MAG and WAG side and in the disability portion of the competition. It certainly shows that Team GB will be strong in Rio in both the men’s and women’s competition and that British Gymnastics is most certainly a programme on the rise. It also shows that the British women have a good amount of depth and there will be a fight for those 5 Olympic spots in a few months time.

Full results are as follows:

Junior AA:

  1. Maisie Methuen 54.600
  2. Taeja James 53.850
  3. Ellesse Oates 52.850
  4. Alice Kinsella 51.700
  5. Zoe Simmons 51.150
  6. Megan Splain 50.700
  7. Lucy Stanhope 50.250
  8. Amelia Knight 49.850
  9. Megan Parker 49.800
  10. Chiara Bunce 49.200
  11. Sarah McKenzie 49.050
  12. Isla Warr 48.400
  13. Olivia Williams 48.250
  14. India Sale 48.150
  15. Amelia Montague 46.900
  16. Christine Tse 46.750
  17. Ellie Russell 46.450
  18. Megan Morrison 46.050
  19. Erica Magpantay 46.050
  20. Lana Chilton 46.000
  21. Dena Kirk 45.850
  22. Eleanor Green 45.650
  23. Abigail Morris 45.500
  24. Megan Bridge 44.750
  25. Leah Rockett 42.800
  26. Nemiah Munir 42.050
  27. Daisy Gamble 41.550
  28. Phoebe Nicholls 35.100*
  29. Sophie Scott 27.450**
  30. Rosa Holm-Huxley 22.350***
  31. Alissia Barlow 12.600****

*Only competed VT,BB & FX

**Only competed VT & UB

***Only competed UB & BB

****Only competed VT

Junior VT:

  1. Sophie Scott 13.775
  2. Maisie Methuen 13.712
  3. Lucy Stanhope 13.600
  4. Taeja James 13.512
  5. Megan Bridge 13.475
  6. Zoe Simmons 13.450
  7. Ellesse Oates 13.412
  8. Lana Chilton 12.725

Junior UB:

  1. Megan Parker 13.225
  2. Ellesse Oates 13.175
  3. Lucy Stanhope 13.075
  4. Sophie Scott 12.875
  5. Maisie Methuen 12.750
  6. Chiara Bunce 12.400
  7. Taeja James 12.000
  8. Zoe Simmons 11.600

Junior BB:

  1. Alice Kinsella 13.300
  2. Amelia Montague 13.150
  3. India Sale 12.600
  4. Megain Splain 12.425
  5. Maisie Methuen 12.025
  6. Taeja James 11.400
  7. Ellesse Oates 11.350
  8. Sarah McKenzie 11.000

Junior FX:

  1. Zoe Simmons 13.500
  2. Maisie Methuen 13.375
  3. Taeja James 13.325
  4. Alice Kinsella 13.100
  5. Megan Parker 13.050
  6. Ellesse Oates 12.775
  7. Lana Chilton 12.525
  8. Amelia Montague 12.175

Senior AA:

  1. Claudia Fragapane 58.100
  2. Rebecca Tunney 56.350
  3. Ellie Downie 55.250
  4. Amy Tinkler 54.700
  5. Ruby Harrold 54.350
  6. Kelly Simm 53.850
  7. Georgia-Mae Fenton 52.500
  8. Phoebe Turner 52.350
  9. Abigail Solari 50.650
  10. April Maslen 50.350
  11. Shannon Archer 49.850
  12. Chelsea Court 49.850
  13. Rebecca Moore 49.050
  14. Hana Davies 48.500
  15. Polina Poliakova 48.150
  16. Lottie Smith 47.700
  17. Sofia Ramzan 47.500
  18. Cara Kennedy 45.250
  19. India Weller 43.150
  20. Jessica Coombs 37.350
  21. Rebecca Downie 29.900
  22. Georgina Clements 24.200
  23. Carrie Walker 20.350
  24. Gabrielle Jupp 14.200

Senior VT:

  1. Ellie Downie 14.787
  2. Claudia Fragapane 13.787
  3. Abigail Solari 13.512
  4. Jessica Coombs 13.425
  5. Shannon Archer 12.437

*All average of two vaults

Senior UB:

  1. Gabrielle Jupp 14.470
  2. Rebecca Downie 14.425
  3. Ruby Harrold 14.175
  4. Rebecca Tunney 13.325
  5. Kelly Simm 13.200
  6. Amy Tinkler 12.975
  7. Claudia Fragapane 12.250
  8. Georgia-Mae Fenton 10.125

Senior BB:

  1. Rebecca Downie 14.750
  2. Claudia Fragapane 14.075
  3. Ruby Harrold 12.625
  4. Ellie Downie 12.525
  5. Kelly Simm 12.425
  6. Shannon Archer 12.275
  7. Rebecca Tunney 12.275
  8. Phoebe Turner 12.100

Senior FX:

  1. Amy Tinkler 14.350
  2. Claudia Fragapane 14.275
  3. Phoebe Turner 13.400
  4. Kelly Simm 13.275
  5. Ellie Downie 13.250
  6. Georgia-Mae Fenton 12.350
  7. Rebecca Tunney 12.200
  8. Abigail Solari 11.150


Videos of every routine are now available on the British Gymnastics website, along with photos from the competition: https://www.british-gymnastics.org


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