2016 Doha World Challenge Cup Preview

The 2016 Doha World Challenge Cup will take place in the Aspire Dome, Doha, Qatar from March 24th through March 26th 2016. It is the second World Challenge Cup to take place this year, with the Baku World Challenge Cup taking place in February.

Both MAG and WAG gymnasts will compete to claim titles on individual events. The WAG roster is full of gymnasts from around the globe vying for the four event titles and looking to gain experience in the lead up to the Olympic Test Event in April and the ultimate goal of the Rio Olympics in August.

On VT, front runners for medals include Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland, who is a two time European Vault Champion and has placed 4th, 5th and 7th in Vault finals at the World Championships. Hot on her heels, after defeating her recently at the Austrian Team Cup is new senior, Zsofia Kovacs, who scored a massive 15.400 on VT to clinch the AA title at the Austrian Team Cup.  Also notable is Tjasa Kysselef of Slovenia who claimed a silver medal at the Baku World Challenge Cup.


Giulia Steingruber

On the UB, Luo Huan is certainly a medal contender. A new senior, it will be interesting to see how she figures in the standings after having quite a successful junior career, taking the UB title at the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships with a routine typical of a Chinesr gymnast. Rebeca Andrade of Brazil should also be watched on this event. Whilst typically known as an excellent VT and FX worker, she is also an excellent AA gymnast and can swing bars with the best, scoring an excellent 14.600 on the at last weekends City of Jesolo Trophy. Her Brazilian teammate, Thauany Lee de Araujo is also good on this event, whilst she has some form issues, she placed 3rd on it at last years Osijek World Cup.


Luo Huan

There is many contenders on the BB, namely 2014 World Championships silver medalist on the BB, Bai Yawen of China who is absolutely exquisite on the event and is a consistent competitor. Of course, 2004 Olympic BB Champion, Catalina Ponor will also return to competition at this competition and is certainly a contender on this event, given that she is back to full difficulty and full strength as she is still very much in the early stages of her comeback, despite being named to the team that will represent Romania at the Rio Test Event. Again, Rebeca Andrade of Brazil and Luo Huan of China are also in the mix on this event. Additionally Vasiliki Millousi of Greece should be taken special note of for her absolutely exquisite work on this event. She is a joy to watch.


Vasiliki Millousi

Strong competitors on FX include 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, Diana Bulimar of Romania, Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland, Emma Larsson of Sweden, who has improved her FX recently, winning this event at various meets and Luo Huan who placed 4th on the event at 2014 Pac Rims, albeit in the Junior division and noting that this was two years ago, however, scoring a 13.800, she proved she is a strong FX worker.


Diana Bulimar

More information on the event including ticket information and gymnasts profiles are available here: http://www.dohagym.com/

The event will be broadcast by the Al Kass sports channel.

Training begins on Tuesday 22nd March with Podium Training taking place on Wedensday the 23rd and qualifications taking place on Thursday March 24th from 14:30. Apparatus final will take place on Friday March 25th from 17:00 and on Saturday March 26th from 16:30.

Timetables for the weekend are available here: https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fsports.box.com%2Fs%2Fhhytfd6c4adlxxbxoxxjzrvw667l2oz3/view/57807842837

Full WAG roster is as follows:

*Note: Not all gymnasts are registered to compete on every event, for example Catalina Ponor is only registered to compete BB.

  1. Ailen Valente (ARG)
  2. Maria Stoffel (ARG)
  3. Marina Nekrasova (AZE)
  4. Mariia Smirnova (AZE)
  5. Yuliya Inshina (AZE)
  6. Thauany Lee de Arujo (BRA)
  7. Rebeca Andrade (BRA)
  8. Luo Huan (CHN)
  9. Bai Yawen (CHN)
  10. Xu Chujun (CHN)
  11. Ana Derek (CRO)
  12. Sarah Voss (GER)
  13. Nadja Schulze (GER)
  14. Argyro Afrati (GRE)
  15. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE)
  16. Noemi Makra (HUN)
  17. Zsofia Kovacs (HUN)
  18. Tazsa Devira (INA)
  19. Amalia Fauziah (INA)
  20. Anna Geidt (KAZ)
  21. Ang Tracie (MAS)
  22. Yueh Tan Ing (MAS)
  23. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (MAS)
  24. Sofie Braaten (NOR)
  25. Sofie Skattun (NOR)
  26. Filipa Martins (POR)
  27. Mariana Carvahlo (POR)
  28. Farah Mahmoud (QUA)
  29. Diana Laura Bulimar (ROU)
  30. Catalina Ponor (ROU)
  31. Teja Belak (SLO)
  32. Tjasa Kysselef (SLO)
  33. Ivana Kamnikar (SLO)
  34. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
  35. Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI)
  36. Stefanie Siegenthaler (SUI)
  37. Emma Larsson (SWE)
  38. Marcela Torres (SWE)
  39. Jonna Adlerteg (SWE)
  40. Ekin Morova (TUR)
  41. Demet Mutlu (TUR)
  42. Tutya Yilmaz (TUR)
  43. Dora-Gabriela Vulcan (ROU)
  44. Dewi Prahara (INA)

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