2016 Stuttgart Team Challenge Roster

Alongside the the penultimate event in the World Cup Series that is taking place this weekend in Stuttgart, Germany, there si also a team competition that will take place.

Teams from across the world are descending upon Stuttgart to compete.

There is both a MAG and a WAG team competition, just as there is both a MAG and WAG event for the World Cup event taking place.

WAG teams from Germany, Israel, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Switzerland will compete with both Switzerland and Germany getting ready for the Test Event in April where they hope to qualify a full team to the Olympics.

Notably, although slated to compete in both the Team Challenge and the World Cup event, both Tabea Alt and Elisabeth Seitz will not compete this weekend,being replaced by Sophie Scheder and 2015 World Championships bronze medalist, Pauline Schaefer at the World Cup event and presumably the Team Challenge event also.

Most notable on the roster is Russia’s Daria Spiridonova who captured one of the four UB gold medals at last years World Championships. Additionally, Giulia Steingruber of Switzerland who finished 5th AA at last years World Championships is also one to watch along with Russia’s Evgeniya Shelgunova who was recently added to the roster and has been on the rise this year in her first year as a senior.

More information regarding the Team Challenge is available here: http://www.dtbpokal.de/delegation.html

Live scoring available here: http://www.dtbpokal.de/ergebnisse.html

Team qualifications begin on Friday March 18th and WAG Team Final takes place on Sunday, March 20th at 11:30 AM.

The WAG roster is as follows:

Germany 1:

  1. Antonia Alicke
  2. Maike Enderle
  3. Amelie Follinger
  4. Leah Griesser
  5. Elisabeth Seitz

Germany 2:

  1. Carina Kroll
  2. Lina Philipp
  3. Pauline Tratz
  4. Sarah Voss


  1. Gabriela Janik
  2. Katarzyna Jurkowska
  3. Paula Plichta
  4. Marta Pihan-Kulesza
  5. Emilia Kulczynska


  1. Vera van Pol
  2. Eythora Thorsdottir
  3. Reina Beltman
  4. Dyonailys Supriana
  5. Mara Titarsolej


  1. Tzuf Feldon
  2. Gaya Giladi
  3. Ofir Kremer


  1. Elisa Hammerle
  2. Olivia Jochum
  3. Jasmin Mader
  4. Erja Metzler
  5. Tamara Stadelmann


  1. Anastasia Dmitrieva
  2. Natalia Kapitonova
  3. Angelina Melnikova
  4. Daria Spiridovina
  5. Evgeniya Shelgunova


  1. Caterina Barloggio
  2. Thea Brogli
  3. Ilaria Kaslin
  4. Stefanie Siegenthaler
  5. Giulia Steingruber



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