2016 Stuttgart World Cup Preview

The 2016 Stuttgart World Cup will take place this weekend, March 19th through March 20th 2016 in the Porsche Arena, Stuttgart, Germany. It will conclude the World Cup series which includes this competition, the American Cup and the Glasgow World Cup.

The roster is jam packed with some of the best gymnasts from all over the globe descending on Stuttgart to compete. Both MAG and WAG gymnasts will compete during different sessions and there is also a Team Cup element for both MAG and WAG gymnasts that will take place during the weekend.

As it is the penultimate event in the World Cup Series, in addition to the winners of the Stuttgart World Cup, the winners of the World Cup Series for both MAG and WAG will be recognised and presented with a Cup at this competition. The winner of the Series is the gymnast that accumulated the most points between the three competitions.

A guide to the World Cup series is available here: http://www.fig-gymnastics.com/site/competition/view?Discipline=3&FigLevel=8&dateBegin=01%2F01%2F2016&dateEnd=31%2F12%2F2016&id=12106

Amongst ones to watch on the WAG roster is 2014 & 2015 World Championships competitor, Isabela Onyshko of Canada who has been impressive in a variety of competitions so far in 2016, winning the AA at Elite Canada at the beginning of February and continuing her winning streak last week at L’International Gymnix where she placed 1st AA in the Senior Cup division. Despite a 16th place finish AA at last years World Championships, she is most certainly a gymnast on the rise and should be watched this weekend.


Isabela Onyshko

2015 World Championships bronze medalist, Ellie Downie of Great Britain is also a gymnast on the rise, having competed her first year as a Senior last year, winning a historic bronze medal in the team final at the World Championships, placing 4th in the VT final and placing 6th in the FX final, it truly was a breakout year and as Ellie continues on her road to Rio, she should most certainly be watched this weekend in Stuttgart, particularly on FX, where she shows impressively powerful tumbling.

2012 Olympian, Elisabeth Seitz of Germany, fresh from her second place finish at the 2016 Glasgow World Cup is also one to watch. Whilst only performing a FTY on VT last weekend, she made up for it on UB, her speciality and on BB, where she received the highest E score of the competition in Glasgow. Seitz should be in medal contention this weekend as she readies herself for the Olympic Test Event next month, where Germany hopes to qualify a full team to Rio as they failed to do so at last years World Championships.


Elisabeth Seitz

Amelia Hundley of the USA is most certainly another medal contender, if not gold medal contender. Hundley is standing in as a replacement for Nia Dennis, who was originally slated to compete however was forced to sit out due to rupturing her Achilles last month. Hundley, who won a gold, silver and bronze medal at last years Pan American Games, has been a strong competitor for the US since 2011 and lights up the FX with energetic dance and great tumbling. Hundley is also great on the UB, where she shows impressive difficulty and is generally just a solid competitor, sure to hit her routines this weekend and post high scores.

Seda Tutkhalian of Russia is sure to be a medal contender this weekend also, given that she hits her routines. A Russian phenom, Tutkhalian created quite the buzz as a Junior after the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, where she took the gold medal in the AA and on the UB and took the silver medal on FX. However suffering slightly from nerves, her Senior debut came as quite a disappointment, placing 15th AA at the 2015 World Championships and 6th in the BB final. However, the potential is there and should she hit her routines this weekend she will most definitely be in medal contention.


Seda Tutkhalian

New Senior, Tabea Alt of Germany is also one to watch and is creating quite a buzz amongst the gymnastics community. Despite falls on BB and FX, she finished 7th at last weekends American Cup with a score of 54.399. Impressive as had she not had those falls, her score would have increased by 2 whole points and she would have placed 4th AA. She has got lovely lines and combines these lines with impressive skills. On UB this is most evident, where she shows her lines, natural aptitude for the event and caps the event off with a high and flighty full twisting double layout with perfect form in the air. Her FX is also impressive, opening with a double layout and her BB has some great elements, namely her flight series, a side aerial, layout stepout, layout stepout. All in all, if she hits her routines, like Seda she is most certainly in contention and being in front of a home crowd, this might give her extra confidence.

2012 Olympian, Celine Van Gerner should also not be counted out and is on the comeback trail, having competed at the 2015 European Games and won a bronze medal with the Dutch team and having had a good competition at the Sidijk Tournament recently, placing 2nd on BB and 3rd on FX. 2015 World Championships competitor, Elisa Meneghini of Italy, fresh off her win at the 2nd Italian Serie A meet is also competing and should not be counted out either.

WAG Roster:

  1. Amelia Hundley (USA)
  2. Elisabeth Seitz (GER)
  3. Ellie Downie (GBR)
  4. Tabea Alt (GER)
  5. Seda Tutkhalian (RUS)
  6. Elisa Meneghini (ITA)
  7. Celine Van Gerner (NED)
  8. Isabela Onyshko (CAN)

Training begins on Friday the 18th and competition begins on Saturday 19th March at 12:30PM GMT+1.

More information on the event including the timetable and MAG roster is available here: http://www.fig-gymnastics.com/site/competition/view?Discipline=3&FigLevel=8&dateBegin=01%2F01%2F2016&dateEnd=31%2F12%2F2016&id=12106

Tickets available here: http://www.dtbpokal.de/tickets-2016.html

Live scoring available here: http://www.dtbpokal.de/ergebnisse.html

More information regarding the Team Cup is available here: http://www.dtbpokal.de/delegation.html




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