2016 City of Jesolo Trophy Preview

The 2016 City of Jesolo Trophy will take place in Jesolo, Italy this weekend, March 19th-20th 2016. This competition, which started as quite a small event, has grown in recent years and each year has proven to attract more and more countries, coming to compete in the seaside town. The attraction of the event is significantly helped due to the attendance of reigning World and Olympic Champions, USA each year, each time bringing a vast number of gymnasts, ranging from their top gymnasts to their up and comers.

This year is no different and due to the lack of rules regarding the number of gymnasts allowed to enter, USA have brought a vast number of gymnasts. Aside from the US, Canada, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Slovenia, France and of course, Italy are also sending gymnasts to compete at this years Jesolo Trophy.

Brazil, Italy, France and USA will send senior teams, compiled of gymnasts eligible for this years Olympic Games whilst Canada, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, USA and Germany will send junior gymnasts to compete in the junior competition.

There will be a team component and an individual component in the senior division whilst there will only be an individual component in the junior division, hence why many countries are only sending one or two junior gymnasts,

In the senior ranks the US team that was confirmed recently are the front runners for the team and individual titles.It includes a mixture of both veteran gymnasts and new seniors. The veterans of course, are 2012 Olympic Champions, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman who are sure to be the highlight of the weekend as they lead the US team and the new seniors are Lauren Hernandez, Ragan Smith, Emily Gaskins and Sydney Johnson-Scharpf, with this being the very first international meet for Johnson-Scharpf. They will be eager to prove themselves on the senior stage this weekend and it will be interesting see how they fair. Additionally, 2014 World Champions, Ashton Locklear and MyKayla Skinner and 2015 Pan American Games Champion, Emily Schild are heading to Jesolo and will also be eager to impress as they edge closer to the Olympic Trials process.


Ashton Locklear

The Brazilian team is also an extremely strong one with veteran competitors, Jade Barbosa and Daniele Hypolito leading the team this weekend as they get ever closer to the Olympic Test event in Rio, hoping to qualify a full team to the Olympics, having failed to do so at last years World Championships. Flavia Saraiva, the darling of the Brazilian team will be a standout of the competition. Should she manage her nerves, like she did at the recent Baku World Challenge Cup, she should be in the hunt for top spots on some events.  Alongside the excitement of Saraiva, there is a lot of excitement surrounding Rebeca de Andrade who will also compete this weekend, having missed the majority of her first senior year of competition, including the 2015 World Championships due to injury. Pegged for quite some time as the next Brazilian star, alongside Saraiva, injuries have kept Rebeca from competing since last years Sao Paulo World Challenge Cup in May 2015, where she earned a silver medal on Vault. She is an incredibly talented gymnasts with amazing power, shining of course, on Vault and Floor Exercise and it will be exciting to see her in competition this weekend. 2015 Brazilian AA Champion, Lorrane Oliveira will also compete this weekend and will hope for a better competition than her performance at the American Cup two weeks ago where she had falls on the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars.Carolyne Pedro is also scheduled to compete, having had a good competition at the Houston National Invitational at the beginning of February.


Flavia Saraiva

France is sending the team that will also represent them at the Rio Test Event in April.2015 World Championships team members, Loan His, who is the reigning French National AA Champion, Marine Brevet, Anne Kuhm and Louise Vanhille will headline the team. New senior, Marine Boyer will be eager to impress this weekend and prove herself on the senior stage after quite a successful junior career. 2014 Youth Olympic Games competitor, Camile Bahl, will also be eager to impress  as she prepares to vie for an Olympic spot on the French team, should they qualify a full team at the Test Event. New senior, Oreane Lechenault will also be eager to impress after a good competition at the WOGA Classic at the start of February, where she placed 2nd on BB. Notably missing is 2015 European Championships bronze medalist, Claire Martin who has created quite the buzz since her senior debut in 2014.



Missing; Claire Martin

Carlotta Ferlito will lead the Italian seniors, fresh from a great performance and a 5th place finish at the American Cup 2 weeks ago. Her new FX along with her BB, where she has made several World Championships finals will be the standout events for Ferlito this weekend. 2015 World Championships team member, Enus Mariani will also compete, after having a good competition at the Glasgow World Cup and finishing with a score of 54.432. Coming from a second place finish at the recent Second Italian Serie A, Tea Ugrin, also a 2015 World Championships team member will be eager to further impress along with 4th place finisher, Giorgia Campana, 7th place finisher, Alessia Leolini along with 3rd place finisher at the 1st Italian Serie A in February, Desiree Carofiglio.


Carlotta Ferlito

Amongst the juniors, of course there is no team competition however quite a number of countries are sending gymnasts to compete individually with an eye towards the future. USA juniors, like the seniors are front runners for the various individual titles. Fresh from her AA win at L’International Gymnix, Gabby Perea is the front runner for the AA title. However, veteran junior, Jordan Chiles should also be watched, as despite a low standing at last weeks Gymnix due to various wobbles and missteps, she most certainly is the junior with the most extensive resume. Newcomer, Emma Malabuyo, who had an international breakout at last weeks Gymnix, winning both BB and FX and placing 3rd AA should also be a contender for a top AA spot and medals on those two events. Trinity Thomas, in her first international competition, replacing Deanne Soza, is absolutely exquisite and should also be watched carefully. She combines terrific power with beautiful lines, opening with a huge double layout on FX and performing high and flighty beam skills. It will be interesting to see how she figures in the standings.


Emma Malabuyo

Canada are also sending a strong delegation, sending their two strongest junior gymnasts, Jade Chrobok and Ana Padarariu who both have been competing extensively since the beginning of 2016 and impressing in each meet they have attended. Both should be in the mix for event finals. Finland are also sending 3 of their strongest juniors. 2015 Finnish National Championships 5th place finisher, Tira Kuitunen will lead the trio comprised of Kuitunen, Enni Kettunen and Emilia Kemppi. Whilst not producing scores that will challenge for the top spots, it will be interesting to see the young Finnish girls compete against other top international elites. 2015 Olympic Hopes Cup 13th place finisher, Lucija Hribar will lead the trio of Slovenians that includes Lucija, Pia Hribar and Lara Crnjac. Germany will also send two junior gymnasts, Helene Schaefer and Lisa Schoeniger who will compete against a large amount of Italian juniors who will be led by Giorgia Villa, who incredily topped the podium at the 1st Italian Serie A last month, ahead of 2012 Olympian, Carlotta Ferlito.


Giorgia Villa

Evidently, it will be an exciting weekend, comprised of well established gymnasts who are vying for a spot in Rio and new talent who will carry the torch into the future.

FloGymnastics will cover the event live: http://www.flogymnastics.com/

Additionally the event will be streamed live by the Italian Gymnastics Federation via YouTube; it is available for viewing in Italy, however can be viewed internationally with a VPN.

Training will begin on March 15th and competition begins on Saturday, March 18th at 10:30AM UTC+1 for juniors and 16:00 UTC+1 for seniors with Team and AA finals and Sunday, March 20th will see event finals take place from 15:30 UTC+1.

Full roster is as follows:



  1. Flavia Saraiva
  2. Rebeca de Andrade
  3. Lorrane Oliveira
  4. Daniele Hypolito
  5. Jade Barbosa
  6. Carolyne Pedro


  1. Camille Bahl
  2. Marine Boyer
  3. Marine Brevet
  4. Loan His
  5. Anne Kuhm
  6. Louise Vanhille
  7. Oréane Lechenault


  1. Aly Raisman
  2. Gabby Douglas
  3. Emily Schild
  4. Emily Gaskins
  5. Lauren Hernandez
  6. Ragan Smith
  7. MyKayla Skinner
  8. Ashton Locklear
  9. Sydney Johnson-Scharpf


  1. Carlotta Ferlito
  2. Desiree Carofiglio
  3. Tea Ugrin
  4. Enus Mariani
  5. Giorgia Campana
  6. Alessia Leolini



  1. Trinity Thomas
  2. Gabby Perea
  3. Emma Malabuyo
  4. Jordan Chiles


  1. Giorgia Balottari
  2. Martina Basile
  3. Giulia Bencini
  4. Sara Berardinelli
  5. Maria Vittoria Cocciolo
  6. Asia D’amato
  7. Elisa Iorio
  8. Francesca Noemi Linari
  9. Martina Maggio
  10. Sidney Saturnino
  11. Giorgia Villa


  1. Emilia Kemppi
  2. Tira Kuitunen
  3. Enni Kettunen


  1. Lucija Hribar
  2. Pia Hribar
  3. Lara Crnjac


  1. Ana Padarariu
  2. Jade Chrobok


  1. Lisa Schoeniger
  2. Helene Schaefer

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