2016 Glasgow World Cup Results

The 2016 Glasgow World Cup took place on Saturday, March 12th 2016 in the Emirates Arena, Glasgow.

Action began with the first two rotations of the MAG competition and the women joined in on the the third rotation. The WAG roster was down to just seven gymnasts after it was announced yesterday that Russian gymnast, Maria Kharenkova would not compete due to “administrative issues outside of the U.K”, according the Glasgow World Cup website.

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L-R; Elisabeth Seitz (GER), MyKayla Skinner (USA) & Claudia Fragapane (GBR)

MyKayla Skinner of the USA took top honours on the WAG side with a score of 56.999. Not typically known as an All-Around gymnast, this was quite a low All-Around score and would have ranked her in 7th place in the AA final at last years World Championships.However, the American was the standout of the competition in a beautiful purple leotard emblazoned with quite the impressive amount of bling. Skinner stood out particularly on Vault, where she performed a very clean Amanar and scored a 15.566, the highest score of the competition on that event. Likewise on FX she shone with tremendous difficulty. Despite having slight errors, namely stepping out of bounds on her first pass, she posted the second highest score of the competition on that event, a 13.633 to clinch the title.

Nipping at Skinner’s heels, Elisabeth Seitz of Germany took second place with a score of 55.732. Originally not supposed to compete and drafted as an alternate for China’s Xie Yufen, Seitz shone on UB, getting the a highest score of the night on that event, a 14.800.

Claudia Fragapane of Great Britain, performing in front of a home crowd took the bronze medal with a score of 55.398 despite a fall on her piked Jaeger on UB. Her best performances came on BB and FX where she posted the highest scores of the competition on those two events, a 14.066 and 14.366 respectively. Despite having several form issues on BB, and a low E score, she made up for this with incredible difficulty, performing a standing arabian, standing full and back handspring laid out full and having a D score of 6.5 on the event.

Asuka Teramoto of Japan,  who finished in 4th, just behind Fragapane had an excellent competition and, personally, I thought was deserving of a medal, having competed clean and well executed gymnastics throughout. However she finished her competition with 54.765 and in 4th place and the third highest score on every event except FX, where she received the 5th highest.

Enus Mariani of Italy took 5th place, and like Teramoto had a clean competition, scoring a 54.432 and the third highest score on FX with a beautiful routine, compete with beautiful leaps, spins and dance and tumbling, performing a big tucked full in to open the routine.

Madison Copiak of Canada finished in 6th with 53.233, hitting all of her routines, however not quite having the difficulty to challenge for a medal. Her best score came on VT where she performed a clean 1 1/2 twisting Yurchenko to receive a score of 14.200.

Vera van Pol of the Netherlands, a replacement for Dutch teammate, Lieke Wevers, finished with a score of 51.465 to finish in 7th place. Van Pol had a rather disappointing competition with falls on the BB and UB, however looked good on the other two events, performing a solid FX, complete with beautiful choreography, leaps and spins, typical of a Dutch gymnast but coupled with good tumbling, opening with a double arabian. Also her potential is visible on UB, despite a fall on the dismount it is clear that she has a great aptitude for the event.

Full results are as follows:

  1. MyKayla Skinner (USA) 56.999
  2. Elisabeth Seitz (GER) 55.732
  3. Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 55.398
  4. Asuka Teramoto (JPN) 54.765
  5. Enus Mariani (ITA) 54.432
  6. Madison Copiak (CAN) 53.233
  7. Vera van Pol (NED) 51.465




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