Glasgow World Cup 2016- Roster Update

The Glasgow World Cup will take place this weekend, Saturday 12th March in the Emirates Arena, Glasgow.

The roster which has already undergone significant changes since its original release, has once again undergone a significant change. 

Updated earlier this week, Lieke Wevers of the Netherlands was replaced by Dutch teammate, Vera Van Pol due to injury, Xie Yufen of China was replaced by Elisabeth Seitz of Germany, Maegan Chant of Canada was replaced by Canadian teammate, Madison Copiak and Kelly Simm of Great Britain was forced to sit out due to injury.

However today came the news that Maria Kharenkova of Russia is also out of the World Cup event. Kharenkova, was a front runner for the title and it has been stated on the Glasgow World Cup website that her absence is as a result of “an administrative issue outside of the U.K.”. It is unlikely there will be a replacement.

Full roster as of Friday, March 11th:

  1. MyKayla Skinner (USA)
  2. Elisabeth Seitz (GER)
  3. Madison Copiak (CAN)
  4. Enus Mariani (ITA)
  5. Claudia Fragapagne (GBR)
  6. Vera Van Pol (NED)
  7. Asuka Teramoto (JPN)

More information of the event is available here:


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