L’International Gymnix 2016- Results & Analysis

L’International Gymnix 2016 took place during the crazy weekend in Elite gymnastics, March 3rd through March 6th 2016 and saw hundreds of competitors take part in the various parts of the competition. Along with L’International Gymnix, which is open to countries and their national teams, the Gymnix Challenge also took place which invites Elite gymnasts from all over the world to compete and along with this La Classique Gymnix also took place, which is mainly a domestic event for Canada and sees gymnasts from every level compete mixed with some club teams from around the globe. For example Parkettes’ Level 10 team from the US traveled to compete in La Classique Gymnix.

Gymnix Challenge AA podium; L-R: Simona Castro of Chile, Lexy Ramler of KidSport USA & Alix Scandella of St.Etienne, France

Overall, it was a jam packed weekend in Montreal. In the All-Around of the Gymnix Challenge, which took place on Saturday, March 5th, Lexy Ramler of KidSport USA triumphed with a score of 54.400. In event finals, of the Gymnix Challenge which took place on Sunday March 6th, Sophie Shaver of Unigym, Canada triumphed on Vault with a score of 13.733, Irina Alexeeva of WOGA, USA triumphed on bars with a score of 14.050, Lexy Ramler triuphed on beam with a 13.000 and Brooklyn Moors of Dynamo, Canada topped the podium on floor with a score of 13.550.

Junior AA podium; L-R: Deanne Soza, Gabby Perea & Emma Malabuyo of USA

In the Junior Cup event of L’International Gymnix, the Team and All-Around competition took place on Saturday, March 5th and saw Team USA which included Jordan Chiles, Gabby Perea, Emma Malabuyo and Deanne Soza triumph in the team competition with a team score of 170.350, with all four gymnasts competing AA but the lowest score on each event being dropped. USA also topped the AA podium with Legacy Elite’s Gabby Perea taking top honours there with a score of 56.475. In event finals, which took place alongside the Gymnix Challenge event finals on Sunday, March 6th,  Jordan Chiles of USA, who had a rather disappointing competition in the AA, aside from on Vault, took the Vault title with an average score of  15.237, having debuted her Amanar at this competition. Anastasiia Illiankova of Russia topped the uneven bars podium with a beautiful routine which scored a 14.300 and showed that the future of Russian gymnastics is very bright. Texas Dreamer, Emma Malabuyo of USA topped the beam and floor podiums with scores of 14.825 and 14.350 respectively, keeping her composure on beam, earning a score that would medal at a World Championships and performing her gorgeous floor routine with grace and poise, and also giving an adorable interview after the competition to FloGymnastics!

Senior AA podium; L-R: Axelle Klinckaert of Belgium, Isabela Onyshko & Rose-Kaying Woo of Canada

In the Senior Cup portion of L’International Gymnix, the Team and All-Around competition took place on Friday, March 4th and saw Isabela Onyshko of Canada continue to impress and take the AA title with a score of 57.550. Team Belgium topped the podium in the team competition with a combined score of 166.450, again, like the Juniors dropping the lowest score and counting 3 scores on each event. The team included Axelle Klinckaert, Nina Derwael, Laura Waem and Gaelle Mys. In the event finals which also took place on Sunday, March 6th, Shallon Olsen of Canada averaged a score of 14.887 to take the Vault title. Nina Derwael of Belgium triumphed on the uneven bars with a score of 14.375, adding to a successful weekend for Team Belgium. On beam, Meixi Semple topped the podium with a 14.125, having scored an unbelievable 16.000 at the Nadia Comaneci Invitational in February only for it to be revealed that there was a bonus system in use at that meet. New senior, Axelle Klinckaert added to Belgium’s medal haul with a 14.275 on floor to take the title on that event. Her floor routine shows impressive tumbling combined with energetic dance and shows lots of personality. It is lovely to watch.

Senior Cup team podium; L-R: Canada Power, Belgium & Canada Rams

Standouts from the weekend included Emma Malabuyo of USA in the Junior Cup, who I, personally was already a fan of , reminding me of a young Kyla Ross and displaying a natural aptitude for gymnastics, her floor routine is absolutely divine and as this was her first International competition and she triumphed I am sure she will be one of the next future Texas Dreams elite stars. Another standout of the juniors was Russia’s Varvara Zubova who took the silver medal in the balance beam event final. Complete with cornrows and pigtails, she lit up the floor with absolutely adorable choreography, fantastic tumbling and was just simply a joy to watch. Obviously, given her silver medal, her balance beam is exquisite and is jam packed with extremely difficult skills, working with efficiency and confidence, she is a quintessential Russian gymnast, with obvious ballet training and grace but amazing power also. She will most certainly be a Russian star of the future, if she sticks around. She reminds me of the many cute, little Russian juniors who have gone before her, amazing us when they are young but disappearing, never to be heard from again.

Junior Cup team podium; L-R: Russia, USA, Canada

Amongst the Seniors, standouts were Eythora Thorsdottir of the Netherlands who is simply stunning on both floor and balance beam, tying for third on beam and just missing a medal on floor and placing 4th. She has very little difficulty but like all Dutch gymnasts, makes up for it in performance, bringing me to tears with her amazing performance on floor exercise, she is truly a joy to watch. Another standout of the Seniors was Axelle Klinckaert, who just moved up to the Senior ranks this year and placed 2nd AA, helped Team Belgium to victory and triumphed on the floor exercise. She is a powerhouse on floor, opening with a huge double layout followed by a full in and she, like Eythora embodies a character and really performs her floor exercise and plays along with music.

Overall it was an excellent competition, jam packed with amazing talent and was excellently organised.

Full results are available here:


Young Varvara Zubova of Russia 


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