Scottish Championships 2016 Results

Photo: Senior Champion: Cara Kennedy 

The Scottish Championships took place this past weekend, 27th and 28th February 2016 and officially got the season underway for the Junior and Senior Elite athletes and the Espoir level athletes in both MAG and WAG disciplines with disability gymnasts also competing.

It was a hotly contested competition in every age group and level with over 100 competitors taking part.

Scottish Gymnastics is most certainly on this rise with Scottish gymnasts continually being selected to represent Great Britain on an international level and Great British Gymnastics on the rise with a bronze medal with the WAG team and a silver medal with the MAG team at last years World Championships. Additionally, the Scottish team is continually rising in the standings at the Commonwealth Games. Also with Glasgow being selected to host many major Gymnastics events, namely the 2015 World Championships and the 2014 & 2018 Commonwealth Games, these Championships were definitely ones to watch.

There was a mix of rising talent in the Junior and Espoir levels and established talent in the Senior ranks.

However with front runner and 2015 Junior National Champion, Louise McColgan notably absent from the Juniors, the competition in the Juniors was wide open. Likewise a notable Senior gymnast, 2014 Commonwealth Games competitor, Erin McLachlan was also absent.

Additionally, whilst not included in final results, gymnasts from Ireland and Sweden also competed with Gymnastics Ireland using this event as a selection event for the Olympic test event in Rio this April. Ireland brought three Senior WAG competitors; Ellis O’Reilly, Casey Bell and Nicole Mawhinney. Additionally, Emma Mackey from the City of Glasgow club in Scotland, competed alongside the Irish girls, presumably because she wishes to compete internationally for Ireland.

The results of the Senior WAG guest section are as follows:


  1. Casey Bell (IRL) 50.350
  2. Ellis O’Reilly & Nicole Mawhinney (IRL) 48.300
  3. Emma Mackey (City of Glasgow) 36.250


  1. Ellis O’Reilly & Casey Bell 12.100
  2. Nicole Mawhinney 11.250


  1. Casey Bell 12.950
  2. Nicole Mawhinney 12.550
  3. Emma Mackey 11.300
  4. Ellis O’Reilly 11.000


  1. Ellis O’Reilly 11.950
  2. Nicole Mawhinney 11.900
  3. Emma Mackey 11.800
  4. Casey Bell 11.650

No competitor competed two vaults and therefore there was no individual VT rankings

Nicole Mawhinney

The result of the WAG Junior & Senior competitions are as follows:

Junior AA:

  1. Ellie Russell (West Lothian) 48.700
  2. Isla Warr (Park Wrekin) 48.600
  3. Sarah McKenzie (DGC2K) 48.000
  4. Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow) 46.950
  5. Naomi Wright (Kettering Olympic) 46.550
  6. Erin Fraser (Garioch) 45.450
  7. Erin Gallacher (Dynamic) 45.050
  8. Laura Jane Core (West Lothian) 44.200
  9. Rosa Holm-Huxley (DGC2K) 44.100
  10. Carly McFadden (Meadowbank) 43.700
  11. Lucy McFadden (Meadowbank) 43.500
  12. Rebecca Fraser (Zippys) 38.200
  13. Amy Pavri (Zippys) 31.850
  14. Lucy Orr (West Lothian) 10.650

Senior AA:

  1. Cara Kennedy (City of Glasgow) 50.150
  2. Sofia Ramzan (DGC2K) 49.450
  3. Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow) 47.800
  4. Isabella Tolometti (Garioch) 47.000
  5. Amy Regan (Largs) 46.300
  6. Megan Wright (Garioch) 42.450
  7. Cara McDickom (City of Glasgow) 41.400
  8. Daisy Willcocks (Garioch) 39.700
  9. Amy Chambers (Meadowbank) 37.900
  10. Joanne Lowe (Garioch) 31.050
  11. Lara Berdelli (Zippys) 25.350

Junior VT:

  1. Ellie Russell (West Lothian) 12.775
  2. Carly McFadden (Meadowbank) 12.650
  3. Lucy McFadden (Meadowbank) 12.625
  4. Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow) 12.300
  5. Erin Fraser (Garioch) 12.200

*All averages of two vaults

Junior UB:

  1. Ellie Russell (West Lothian) 11.250
  2. Lucy Orr (West Lothian) 11.050
  3. Rosa Holm-Huxley (DGC2K) 10.750
  4. Erin Fraser (Garioch) 10.650
  5. Isla Warr (Park Wrekin) 10.600
  6. Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow) 9.200

Junior BB:

  1. Erin Gallacher (Dynamic) 12.250
  2. Isla Warr (Park Wrekin) 12.100
  3. Ellie Russell (West Lothian) 11.950
  4. Sarah McKenzie (DGC2K) 11.900
  5. Naomi Wright (Kettering Olympic) 11.550
  6. Megan Morrison (City of Glasgow) 11.200

Junior FX:

  1. Sarah McKenzie (DGC2K) 12.750
  2. Ellie Russell (West Lothian) 12.700
  3. Carly McFadden (Meadowbank) 12.450
  4. Isla Warr (Park Wrekin) 12.200
  5. Naomi Wright (Kettering Olympic) 11.800
  6. Lucy McFadden (Meadowbank) 10.050

Senior VT:

  1. Amy Regan (Largs) 13.000
  2. Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow) 12.850
  3. Joanne Lowe (Garioch) 11.900

Senior UB:

  1. Cara Kennedy (City of Glasgow) 11.350
  2. Isabella Tolometti (Garioch) 11.350
  3. Sofia Ramzan (DGC2K) 11.100
  4. Amy Regan (Largs) 9.700
  5. Cara McDickom (City of Glasgow) 8.650
  6. Megan Wright (Garioch) 4.200

Senior BB:

  1. Cara Kennedy (City of Glasgow) 12.900
  2. Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow) 12.850
  3. Sofia Ramzan (DGC2K) 12.700
  4. Amy Regan (Largs) 10.550
  5. Isabella Tolometti (Garioch) 9.650
  6. Cara McDickom (City of Glasgow) 9.600

Senior FX:

  1. Shannon Archer (City of Glasgow) 13.000
  2. Cara Kennedy (City of Glasgow) 12.700
  3. Isabella Tolometti (Garioch) 12.600
  4. Sofia Ramzan (DGC2K) 12.500
  5. Amy Regan (Largs) 12.350
  6. Megan Wright (Garioch) 11.700

Clearly there is a long way to go for Scottish Gymnastics, whilst it is on the rise, there was overall not very high scores given, however Scottish Gymnastics are really working hard at promoting the sport with excellent coverage given via Twitter and live scoring available for the championships, Gymnastics is certainly moving in they right direction and will continue to grow in Scotland.


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