L’International Gymnix 2016 Preview

The 25th edition of L’ International Gymnix, the Gymnix Challenge and La Classique Gymnix will take place March 3rd through March 6th 2016 in Montreal, Canada.

L’ International Gymnix has seen many future World and Olympic Champions grace it’s competition floor at the beginning of their careers, making this competition one to watch as we may see the stars of the future fly, flip and tumble their way into our hearts. Among the most recent future World and Olympic champions that competed at L’International Gymnix before they were household names are Olympic and World Champion, Jordyn Wieber, who competed at L’ International Gymnix in 2009 at 13 years old and Olympic and World Champion, Aliya Mustafina, who competed at L’ International Gymnix in 2007, at 12 years old. Other Olympic and World Champions who have competed at L’ International Gymnix at the beginning of their careers include, Shawn Johnson, Lauren Mitchel, Carly Patterson,. Bridget Sloan, Lilia Podkopayeva, Oksana Chusovitina and Dominique Dawes.

Jordyn Wieber in 2009

Evidently, all of these gymnasts went on to achieve extraordinary success on the international gymnastics scene and all competed at L’ International Gymnix before they graced World and Olympic podiums.

This years line up is no different than any other year. The line up is full of rising stars in the sport of gymnastics, sure to go on to great successes, just as those before them have. Teams from USA, Romania, Russia, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada and Japan will compete in the Junior Cup section of L’ International Gymnix and teams from Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan will compete in the Senior Cup portion of the competition. Gymnasts will compete for an all-around title, a team title and individual event titles.

In addition to L’ International Gymnix, this competition also acts as a Canadian domestic event with La Classique Gymnix also taking place this weekend which will see club gymnasts from all over Canada, from every level compete along with club gymnasts of every level from France, Mexico and the USA. Most notable of the clubs is Parkette’s from the USA who are bringing their strong Level 10 team.

Also the Gymnix Challenge takes place this weekend with gymnasts mainly representing their clubs in this portion of the competition with some representing their country. Elite gymnasts from all over the world are taking part. Notable of the Gymnix Challenge competitors is Irina Alexeeva of WOGA,USA, Marisa Duck, representing Trinidad and Tobago, Jordyn Pederson of Manjacks,Canada, Lexy Ramler of KidSport, USA and Montana Fairbairn of Stampede, Canada among many others. Full list available in the website. Link below.

L’Interantional Gymnix will see teams from different countries compete in the Senior and Junior Cups.

  • The Senior Cup roster is as follows:

Canada 1:

  1. Madison Copiak
  2. Audrey Rousseau
  3. Sydney Townsend
  4. Rose-Kaying Woo

Canada 2:

  1. Isabela Onyshko
  2. Kirsten Peterman
  3. Laurie-Lou Vezina
  4. Victoria-Kayen Woo

Canada 3:

  1. Shallon Olsen
  2. Helody Cyrenne
  3. Meixi Semple
  4. Sydney Soloski

Belgium 1:

  1. Nina Derwael
  2. Axelle Klinckaert
  3. Senna Dericks
  4. Laura Waem

Belgium 2:

  1. Cindy Vandenhole
  2. Gaelle Mys
  3. Rune Hermans
  4. Julie Croket
  5. Julie Meyers


  1. Maartje Ruikes
  2. Eythora Thorsdottir
  3. Kirsten Polderman


  1. Yuna Hiraiwa
  2. Nagi Kajita
  3. Sae Miyakawa
  • The Junior Cup roster is as follows:


  1. Jade Chrobok
  2. Victoria Jurca
  3. Haley De Jong
  4. Ana Padurariu


  1. Anastasia Iliankova
  2. Uliana Perebinosova
  3. Valeria Saifulina
  4. Varvara Zubova


  1. Deanne Soza
  2. Emma Malabuyo
  3. Gabby Perea
  4. Jordan Chiles


  1. Alisia Botnaru
  2. Olivia Cimpian
  3. Ioana Crisan
  4. Denisa Golgota
  5. Alexandra Mihai

Great Britain:

  1. Alice Kinsella
  2. Maisie Meuthen
  3. Taeja James
  4. Ellesse Oates


  1. Soyoka Hanawa
  2. Kiko Kuwajima
  3. Mana Oguchi


  1. Myrthe Potoms
  2. Manon Muller
  3. Alysha Senders
  4. Maellyse Brassart

There are many big names within the Senior Cup. Ones to watch include 2015 World Championships competitor and 2014 Youth Olympic Games bronze medalist, Sae Miyakawa of Japan, whose huge tumbling almost earned her a medal at last years World Championships, finishing 4th in the FX final. Additionally, Eythora Thorsdottir of the Netherlands should be watched carefully. Eythora made it to the beam final at last years World Championships and is expected to gain an Olympic berth this year at the Rio Games, where her exquisite beam and floor work will be showcased. She is an absolute delight to watch on floor especially, with artistry on full show, a smile on her face and one of the most beautiful routines being competed at this time.

Sae Miyakawa

The Canadians, as evidenced by the fact that they have multiple teams have brought the majority of their major players to this competition. Each of the names on the team could contest for a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. However ones to keep a close eye on are Isabela Onyshko who is at the top of her game having just recently won the Elite Canada competition and had a near sweep of the event medals, winning 3 out of 4. Also rising stars and new seniors, Shallon Olsen, who won the Vault title at Elite Canada and prevented an Onyshko sweep and sister of Victoria-Kayen Woo, Rose-Kaying Woo should also be watched carefully. 2015 World Championships team members, Audrey Rousseau, Sydney Townsend and Victoria-Kayen Woo should also be watched along with Belgium’s Axelle Klinckaert who is a new senior and whose floor is a beautiful blend of difficult tumbling and fluid dance.

Isabela Onyshko

In the Junior ranks, of course the US girls are the hot favourites for not only the team title but individual titles aswell. Jordan Chiles has possibly the best chance at taking the individual AA with Deanne Soza hot on her heels with beautiful execution. Gabby Perea, whilst not new to the US domestic elite scene, is certainly new to the international scene. Perea is absolutely exquisite on beam and has an ability to remain composed and show off her beautiful lines on the event. Malabuyo, added to the team after the selection camp, replacing Maile O’Keefe is new to the Elite scene, competing her first Elite season last year and making it to P&G Championships, her aptitude for the sport is obvious , even from a young age in the YouTube videos uploaded by her mother. Her floor is a treat to watch with lots of effort but into her choreography, typical of Kim Zmeskal and Texas Dreams. Is she the next Texas Dreams elite star, ready to rise from the vast crop of talented gymnasts Kim Zmeskal has on her hands, this weekend will be quite telling.

Jordan Chiles

Otherwise the Canadian team is an extremely strong one with Jade Chrobok and Ana Padurariu leading the pack for AA positions. Haley DeJong can make her biggest impact on the floor whilst Victoria Jurca can also make an impact AA. Other individuals to watch are Alice Kinsella and Maisie Muethen of Great Britain who will be on a high from her recent win at the Welsh Championships. Team Romania, of course are also ones to watch with 2014 Romanian Junior National Champion, Ioana Crisan leading the pack and 2015 Nadia Comaneci Invitational Co-Champion, Olivia Cimpian, who won the AA at that event with teammate, Ioana Crisan. Also the ever strong Russians have some mightly young talent that they’re bringing to Montreal!

Alice Kinsella

This roster is tentative, with the US just replacing Maile O’Keefe with Emma Malabuyo and the Romanian team still undecided as to who will be the alternate of their 5 person Junior team. Additionally the GB team has just recently been updated to include Taeja James and Ellesse Oates after Latalia Bevan and Jolie Ruckley were injured.

More information including athletes profiles, past results and more is available at L’International Gymnix website: http://internationalgymnix.ca/en/

The full list of competitors for La Classique Gymnix is available here: http://internationalgymnix.ca/files/1114/5580/9836/Liste_Participantes_Participants_List_-_La_Classique_Gymnix_2016_-_par_categorie_by_category_18_fevrier_February_18.pdf

Schedule is available here: http://internationalgymnix.ca/en/spectators/schedule/

Live coverage will be provided by FloGymnastics: http://www.flogymnastics.com/

Tickets available from L’International Gymnix website.


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