Scottish Championships 2016

This weekend will see the Scottish Elite season get underway, alongside the Welsh Elite season and will see Scotland’s top gymnasts compete and vie for the title of National Champion, and most importantly begin to take the first step towards the ultimate goal of the Rio Olympics. The Scottish Championships will take place this weekend, February 27th & 28th 2016 in Perth, Scotland.

Like the Welsh Gymnastics team, it is not a team that will be seen at an Olympic Games or World Championships, as Scottish and Welsh gymnasts compete at these kind of Championships on the GB team. The Scottish team, like the Welsh team, however so compete at the Commonwealth Games as a separate nation.


Scottish gymnasts at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

There are many gymnasts to watch for this weekend, who could potentially be the future stars of both the GB and the Scottish team at the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

In the senior ranks, names to watch are 2014 Commonwealth Games team members, Amy Regan, who is the reigning champion and Erin McLaughlin.

Amongst the 100+ competitors there is some rising junior stars, who, whilst not eligible for Rio, are certainly ones to watch for the future.

Whilst slated to compete, 2015 Junior National Champion, Louise McColgan announced via Twitter that she will not compete but wished her old teammates and new teammates the best of luck this weekend, having recently changed gyms.

The All-Around competition will take place on Saturday 27th and Event Finals will take place on Sunday 28th. Also competing alongside the WAG Elite gymnasts are gymnasts from lower levels, hoping to earn the title of International Elite in the future. Also MAG gymnasts will compete. Most notable of the MAG gymnasts is of course, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and 2015 World silver medalist, Daniel Purvis who is hoping to earn his 3rd consecutive National title, Simone Biles style.

Also, interestingly, Irish and Swedish gymnasts will compete this weekend in Perth alongside Scottish gymnasts. The Scottish Championships is being used by Gymnastics Ireland as part 2 of the selection process for the Rio test event later this year in April. The Irish team has qualified two spots in the Rio test event, one MAG and one WAG spot. The first of the two competitions in the selection process was a competition at the gym of International Elite gymnasts, Catherine Lyons and Georgia Mae Fenton in Kent, England. Most notable of the Irish gymnasts competing is 2015 World Championships competitor, Ellis O’Reilly.

Ellis O’Reilly

Live scoring of the event is available here:

Junior & Senior Elite AA for both MAG and WAG competitions begin from 3.25pm GMT on Saturday.

Youth AA(MAG) will also take place at this time , with Espoire and Intermediate levels taking place from 10.25am GMT. 

Event finals for all levels both MAG and WAG take place Sunday.

More information about Scottish Gymnastics can be found on their website:


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