Welsh Gymnastics Championships 2016

Whilst a Welsh gymnastics team is not one that will be seen at the World Championships or Olympics, the Welsh gymnasts do compete as part of the Great British team and as a Welsh team for the Commonwealth Games, a sporting event celebrating the Commonwealth countries of the world.

So, with the British gymnastics team capturing Bronze at last years World Championships and with Welsh gymnasts being continually selected to compete at major events with the GB team, the Welsh Championships is an event that should be watched by those who wish to predict the unpredictable and see some of the future GB Olympians.

In action in the WAG session during the weekend, and most notable are 2014 Commonwealth bronze medalists, Raer Theaker and Georgina Hockenhull. Also one to watch and rising star is first year senior, Hana Davies.

Notably missing from the press release from Welsh gymnastics is Angel Romaeo who also captured a bronze medal with the Welsh team at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

A full list of gymnasts has not been released however so Romaeo could indeed be competing, but just wasn’t mentioned in the article released by Welsh gymnastics.

Of course the most notable gymnast is Raer Theaker who has the best chance at an Olympic berth with the GB team and who was part of the training squad for the 2015 World Championships. 

Welsh and GB gymnast, Raer Theaker

Amongst the juniors, whilst not vying for a spot in Rio, there are a few showing great promise for the future. Some names to take note of are 2015 Junior Champion, Maisie Methuen, 2015 Northern European Champion, Latalia Bevan and first year Junior Elite, Jolie Ruckley.

Otherwise this weekend will see MAG gymnasts, disability gymnasts and gymnasts in the Espoire level also compete. 

The event will take place on the weekend 27th-28th February in Cardiff, Wales. There will be no live coverage with regards to video or results, however results will be posted in the days following the event. 

More information is available on the Welsh gymnastics website: http://www.welshgymnastics.org


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