Sidijk Tournament 2016

The Dutch Elite season will get underway in Heerenveen during the weekend February 26th-28th 2016 with the Sidijk Tournament.

Young gymnasts of every ability will compete with the competition being topped off by the Elite WAG session which will see Hollands best Elite athletes, along with 2 competitors from Sweden, one being 2016 Baku World Challenge Cup silver medalist, Emma Larsson compete.

Most notable in the Senior ranks are sisters, Saane, 2015 World Championships silver medalist and Lieke Wevers, 2015 European Games gold medalist. Otherwise ones to watch are 2015 World Championships team members, who qualified a full Dutch to the Olympics at these Championships, Lisa Top and Mara Titarsolej and 2012 Olympian, Celine Van Gerner, who is vying to compete at a second Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this Summer.

A list of the Junior & Senior International Elite gymnasts that will compete at the Sidijk Tournament can be found here:

More information including lists of athletes in other sessions and timetables for the competition can be found on the Topsport website, all of which is in Dutch:


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