WOGA Classic 2016 Preview

The WOGA Classic, run of course by, the renowned World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas, USA combines the JO system and International Elite Gymnastics and has become, over the years one of the foremost events on both the USA Gymnastics calendar and the calendar of International Elite Gymnastics. Teams from all over the USA and the World come to compete and gain experience before the Elite season officially begins. It usually attracts many top gymnasts from across the globe and this years line up is no exception. The roster for the 2016 WOGA Classic is jam packed with top WAG Elite gymnasts from every corner of the globe.


  1. Alexa Citlali Moreno (MEX)
  2.  Oksana Chusovitina (UZB)
  3. Alyssa Baumann (USA)
  4. Thea Mille Nygaard (NOR)
  5. Ingrid Von Hafenbradl (NOR)
  6. Madison Kocian (USA)
  7. Koko Dobashi (JPN)
  8. Aoi Furuyama (JPN)
  9. Yuna Hiraiwa (JPN)
  10. Nagi Kajita (JPN)
  11. Seina Cho (CAN)
  12. Loan His (FRA)
  13. Oreane Lechenault (FRA)
  14. Shallon Olsen (CAN)
  15. Thema Williams (TT)
  16. Marisa Dick (TT)
  17. Brenda Areli Medina (MEX)

*Each gymnast is not necessarily representing their country, many compete on behalf of their club, however I have simply indicated which country each gymnast represents on an International level.


  1. Irina Alexeeva (WOGA, USA)
  2. Adriana Almeida (Tumble Bees, USA)
  3. Paulina Aranda (Agimnasia, MEX)
  4. Sloane Blakely (WOGA, USA)
  5. Tatiana Corujo (Tumble Bees, USA)
  6. Haley De Jong (Flicka, CAN)
  7. Marthe Hoskens (De Gymsies, BEL)
  8. Ilka Juk (Omega, CAN)
  9. Mari Kanter (Holmen Tropp Og Turn, NOR)
  10. Jimena Moreno (Agimnasia, MEX)
  11. Jazibe Sandoval (Agimnasia, MEX)
  12. Anne Tingvold (Holmen Tropp Og Turn, NOR)
  13. Louise Lopez Sanchez (Agimnasia, MEX)

The WOGA Classic will take place in Frisco, Texas from February 12th through February 14th 2016. The elite session will take place on February 13th at 6:00PM CST.

Most notable of the competitors are of course 3 time World Champion and Olympic hopeful, Madison Kocian, 2014 World Champion and fellow WOGA teammate, Alyssa Baumann and World and Olympic Champion, Oksana Chusovitna.

Aside from these headline acts, gymnasts to watch are new elite and WOGA gymnast Irina Alexeeva, who, whilst too young for Rio has her sights on Tokyo 2020. Also ones to watch are Olympic hopefuls Thema Williams, Koko Dobashi and Shallon Olsen.

Final Schedule is as follows: http://woga.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2016_WC_Schedule_Final-1.25.16.pdf

Event is streaming live on FloGymnastics. Both Level 10 and Elite sessions are being covered. http://www.flogymnastics.com/


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