Sabrina Vega has committed to Auburn!?

Nobody can forget the sad scene after the 2012 Olympic Trials as the realisation hit Sabrina Vega that she did not make the 2012 US Olympic Team. Vega’s eyes were filled with tears and it almost felt like a betrayal on the part of Martha Karolyi.

For so long Martha Karolyi was seemingly an avid fan of Sabrina Vega, sending her on assignment after assignment and praising her beam skills, calling her a ‘beamer’ whilst talking to Sabrina’s coach and former Karolyi gymnast, Teodora Ungureanu.

However, following the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, where Sabrina and Team USA took gold, Vega seemed to rest on her laurels and seemed to lose intensity, just when everyone else was gaining momentum and becoming more motivated than ever. It seems to me that Vega seemed to think she was an automatic pick for the Olympic Team after being named to the 2011 World Championships team.

However, as time would tell it wasn’t meant to be for Vega. Whilst obviously heartbroken on the night, Vega seemed like a well balanced young woman and I assumed she would continue with gymnastics at a high level, graduate high school, gain a scholarship to a good college and have the time of her life competing in NCAA gymnastics.However, I was proven wrong, when a year after the Olympics, it was announced that Vega had moved to GAGE and had her sights on Rio!! At first I was shocked but then I hoped for the best, I hoped we would see Vega shine and her intensity level would improve and that she would become hungry to be successful.

However, as of 2015, we have not seen Vega compete in one competition. Of course, she has been battling some injuries, so it is understandable but even reports from training camps seem to be saying that Vega isn’t doing much. This is sad. To me, Vega is one of the most talented gymnasts in the USA. Perhaps, too talented? In an interview with USA Gymnastics Vega can be heard saying that no skills were particularly hard for her to master. This perhaps is the problem. Clearly with gymnasts such as Aly Raisman, skills were harder to master but that gave her drive and determination but with Sabrina Vega, everything seemed to come too easy and the hunger was lost in the process.

Nonetheless I still hold out hope for Sabrina, albeit, I believe Rio 2016 is a bit of a stretch for Vega at this point, so I believe she should…dare I say it give up on that dream and move on. However I do still have hopes that she will compete collegiately, gaining a scholarship to a top school and becoming an uber successful NCAA gymnast. So a random check on Sabby’s Wikipedia page filled me with delight, as it stated that her college team was Auburn University! Check it out foryourself… .

I do realise that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and is not entirely truthful all the time, however I do wonder why someone would put this on her Wikipedia page. Seems like an odd thing to put up when you have absolutely no evidence. Its not even like someone speculated on a blog or anything first and then the word got around. I mean, last I heard there was rumours of Vega committing to Florida, along with rumours of Vega not having enough credits to graduate high school so it seems a bit out of left field that someone would state this on her Wikipedia. Hmmm. Sabrina Vega…confirmation would be nice!!!

UPDATE: Sabrina Vega confirmed  to us via Twitter that she indeed has not committed to Auburn. In fact, a few months later she announced her commitment to the University of Georgia. She signed in 2015 and will join the Georgia Gymdogs in 2016!


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