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2017 Flanders International Results

The 2017 Flanders International Team Challenge took place in Ghent, Belgium on the 10 and 11 June 2017. Both junior and senior WAG gymnasts from various countries including Italy, France, Norway and Sweden competed for both individual AA titles and... Continue Reading →

2017 German Championships Results

The 2017 German Championships took place in Berlin, Germany from June 3-8 2017. Both senior and junior gymnasts competed and the junior competition was separated by year of birth. Results of the senior competition and the 2002 juniors (gymnasts who... Continue Reading →

2017 Gym Festival Trnava Results

The 2017 Gym Festival took place in Trnava, Slovakia on the 3rd & 4th June 2017. The festival comprised both the Slovakian National Championships for junior and senior Slovak WAG gymnasts and also an international competition which saw gymnasts from... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundoff

This week in gymnastics news! 1. Aliya Mustafina is a mother: It was reported this week by Russian news outlets that Aliya Mustafina has given birth to a baby girl. Aliya took fans by surprise in November 2016 by... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundoff

A roundup of this week's gymnastics news! (29 May-2 June 2017) 1. There was controversy over Melnikova's choice of T-Shirt: Earlier this week, Olympic silver medalist and 2017 European FX champion, Angelina Melnikova took to Instagram to post several... Continue Reading →

2017 French Championships Results

The 2017 French Championships took place in Ponts de Ce, France from 27-28 May 2017. The WAG results are as follows: Junior AA: Celia Serber 52.200 Aline Friess 52.050 Carolann Heduit 51.350 Aglae Adam-Cuvillier 50.800 Alisson Lapp 50.550 Melissa Paries... Continue Reading →

2017 Canadian Championships Results

The 2017 Canadian Championships took place in Montreal, Canada from May 23-28 2017. The results of the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: Senior AA: Ellie Black 54.318 Rose Kaying Woo 54.051 Jade Chrobok 53.100 Isabela Onyshko 52.918... Continue Reading →

2017 Australian Championships Results

The 2017 Australian Championships took place in Melbourne, Australia from May 20-26 2017. The WAG results are as follows: Senior AA: Emily Little 106.750 Georgia-Rose Brown 106.400 Rianna Mizzen 104.200 Talia Folino 103.375 Erin Modaro 100.075 Shannon Neate 97.850 Elly... Continue Reading →

2017 Osijek World Challenge Cup Results

The 2017 Osijek World Challenge Cup took place in Osijek, Croatia from May 18-21 2017. The results of the WAG portion of the competition are as follows: WAG VT: Boglarka Devai (HUN) 14.300 Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) 14.034 Tjasa Kysselef (SLO)... Continue Reading →

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